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Onsite Outdoor Activities


The exceptional natural surroundings of Bel Air Tremblant is the best excuse to enjoy the community's many onsite activities in Tremblant. The community offers a wealth of things to do for the entire family. Bel Air Tremblant is an ideal setting where friends, family and loved ones can experience extraordinary moments together in nature.


Animal Farm

Come see the animals that call Bel Air their home! The mini-farm houses ponies, alpacas, goats, bunnies, and more.

Cross-country Ski

Rent cross-country ski equipment at the clubhouse and head out to P’tit Train du Nord, Canada’s longest linear park.

Dog sledding

Sit back and enjoy an amazing adventure as a team of dogs takes you through 5 miles of beautiful snow covered forest.

Electric Fatbike Tours

Bel Air now offers electric fat bike tours so grab your friends or family and get out and experience nature up close.


Enjoy ice-skating on the small lake located at the entrance to Bel Air. If you don’t have ice-skates you can rent them at the clubhouse.

Snowshoeing Tours

Discover the great outdoors with a guided snowshoe tour and experience a winter wonderland as a guide takes you through the snow covered forest.

Snowmobile Tours

Enjoy the beautiful mountainside during a guided snowmobile tour through the fresh fallen snow.

Winter Zipline

Zipline for 1.5 hours on our 10-line course! Soar through the forest while enjoying spectacular views of the Red River Valley.



Our Archery Range will offer a selection of bows and arrows for both youth archers and adults. Of course, you are welcome to use your own equipment.


Located behind the clubhouse, the basketball court is surrounded by nature and has the most amazing mountain views.

Bocce Ball

Plays some Bocce ball! It’s a fun outdoor game that is easy to play and is suitable for all ages.

Buggy Tours

Take a guided buggy tour through the lush green forest and along mountain trails.

Electric fatbike tours

Enjoy breathtaking scenes, lush forests, and majestic mountain views on a guided horseback tour.

Horseback Riding

Enjoy breathtaking scenes, lush forests, and majestic mountain views on a guided horseback tour.


Head over to the prairie behind the clubhouse for a game of soccer with friends and family. Its fun for all ages!


The tennis court is located behind the clubhouse and is surrounded by the most amazing mountain views.


Join some friends for an impromptu volleyball match .


Dog sledding, electric fatbike, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, zipline, buggy tours, and horseback riding must be booked in advance through Action Tremblant Activities.

Cross-country ski and ice-skating equipment rentals may also be reserved through Action Tremblant.