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In 2018, Bel Air Resort & Residences partnered with an independent real estate company in an effort to market the sale of our homes. It has been a remarkable success. Since the project launched in the first quarter of 2018, 50 homes have been sold. This is over 5 times as many homes sold compared to other projects in Tremblant that average 5 sales per year.

Bel Air Resort & Residences has collaborated with real estate companies throughout Canada, the United States, Europe, Asia and Latin America and has just recently entered into a partnership with major real estate agencies in Quebec, Ontario, Chicago, and New York.

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Our innovative community has received a warm reception from international buyers located across all continents.

The success of our project can be contributed to the following factors:

•Innovative & modern model homes
•A real community with a great lifestyle
•State-of-the-art clubhouse
•Incredible natural surroundings
•Transparent and easy buying process
•Competitively priced homes
•Great builder & low construction costs
•4-6 month build time
•Homeowner fees start at 250 $ a month and include clubhouse access
•Flexible short-term rental possibilities including nightly

Strategic partnerships include:
Commission based (Quebec real estate firms)
Referral based (outside of Quebec)
Both Exclusive and Non-exclusive marketing agreements

We have made it easy to partner with Bel Air Resort & Residences. We provide strong marketing support and personalized selling materials making it easy for you to generate your commissions.

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