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In 2018, Bel Air Resort & Résidences partnered with an independent real estate company in an effort to market the sale of its homes. It has been a remarkable success. Between April and June of 2018 there were 24 homes with sales increasing month after month.

Bel Air Resort & Residences has collaborated with real estate companies throughout Canada, the United States, Europe, Asia and Latin America and has just recently entered into a partnership with major real estate agencies in Quebec and Ontario Canada.

Our innovative community has received a warm reception from international buyers located across all continents.

The success of our project can be contributed to the following factors:

  • Innovative architectural homes
  • A real community with a great lifestyle
  • State-of-the-art clubhouse at its heart
  • Incredible natural surroundings
  • Transparent and easy process
    • -16 ready-to-be-build model homes
    • Competitively priced modern chalets
    • Great builder & low construction costs
    • 4 month build time
    • Homeowner fees average just 375 $ a month and include club house access)
    • Flexible short-term rental possibilities including nightly

We are offering:
Commission based partnerships (Quebec real estate firms)
Referral based partnerships with other groups

These partnerships include both Exclusive and Nonexclusive marketing agreements.


We have made it easy to partner with Bel Air Resort & Residences. We provide strong marketing support and personalized selling materials making it easy for you to generate your commissions.

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