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Bel Air Tremblant is one of the most successful projects in Mont Tremblant, Quebec. Mont Tremblant is one of the top ranked ski resorts in the world. The town is a gem offering an unparalleled amount of activities throughout four-seasons which attracts an international clientele that is constantly growing.

Mont Tremblant’s real estate market is also rapidly growing due to several factors:

  • A healthy economy and the province’s strong housing market
  • Consumer confidence
  • Strong secondary home market
  • Powerful international investments
  • Local market is playing catch up with American ski resorts
  • Grossly undervalued real estate offering great opportunities that can’t be found in other ski resorts
  • Canadian dollar is very low against other major currencies offering great buying opportunities

Bel Air Resort & Residences is working with Realtors from all countries in an effort to market the sale of our homes. We have made it easy to partner with Bel Air by providing a strong marketing support, professional selling materials and a fully personalized website for each agent making it easy for them to generate commissions.

If you are interested in collaborating with Bel Air Tremblant, please contact us. We will be happy to collaborate with you.

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