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Short Term Rentals


Bel Air offers homeowners an excellent and unique opportunity to generate income on their property.

Bel Air’s Unique Zoning
The city has granted Bel Air the ideal zoning that allows for legal short term rentals. Whereas 99% of the single-family communities in Tremblant do not permit short term rentals, Bel Air offers maximum flexibility to it homeowners. At Bel Air homeowners have the freedom to rent their home by season, for long-term, by the day or not at all. 

Flexibility to Rent at Bel Air
Homeowners that decide to rent their homes may do so themselves by listing their home on Airbnb or other rental websites. They also have the option to hire an outside management company or, as many homeowners have done, they can trust the Bel Air team to rent their home. 

Bel Air Rental Team: the Ultimate Rental Company
We are sincerely convinced that we are the best positioned company to rent your house at Belair and hope that it will a shared feeling. At Bel Air we believe in freedom for our owners and full flexibility.

The team at Bel Air has collaborated with Absolute Tremblant Locations (ATL) for the rental of its onsite properties. ATL employs associates that have extensive knowledge in all aspects of the hospitality industry from marketing and reservations to maintenance and housekeeping. They also have significant experience in digital marketing and website development.

Using these skills along with an advanced revenue management program developed in-house, Bel Air’s rental team is able to establish the best possible rental rates and increase occupancy while marketing your home to people from all over the world.