Find answers to most commonly asked questions.

You can book online from our website by clicking on the “BOOK NOW” button or you can call us directly at +1 819-774-0203.

Your arrival instructions will be sent to you by email a few days prior to your check-in date.

Yes, if you arrive before pm you may check-in at our reception desk and we will then have a property manager escort your rental to do the walk-through. If you arrive after 6 pm, a property manager will meet you after 9 am the following day to complete the check in process.

If you arrive after business hours you can go directly to your rental. Just use the access code that was emailed to you with your arrival instructions to open the door to the rental. The following morning we will have a property manager come by to do a formal check in.

Of course, you are welcome to come and go from the Bel Air Resort as you wish.

Unfortunately no, we have a 2-night minimal stay throughout a majority of the year. During certain holidays and special events we may increase the minimal night stay from between 3 and 7 nights.

We have a 2-night minimal stay throughout a majority of the year however during certain holidays and special events we may increase this by as much as 7 nights.

Small dogs (less than 10 kilos) are now welcome but the reservation must be made by calling the the resort directly at 1 819-774-0203. No online reservations. Other terms & conditions will apply.

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Yes, all rentals at Bel Air Resort are fully-equipped.

Yes, there is Wi-Fi.

Yes, we supply soap and shampoo in all our rentals.

Yes, all guests have free access to the Clubhouse tennis court, gym, yoga room, theater room, teen room, kid’s playroom, etc. There is a charge for spa services and meals at the bistro.

Yes, our activities fill up quickly so we suggest that you book them in advance. Our activities as well as spa service can be booked by phone or online. Refer to our “Contact Us” page for the phone numbers and booking site for activities and spa services.

Guests are allowed to park a maximum of 2 vehicles at any time in the driveway of the property

Domes 1 & 2, Mezzanine dome : 300 ft
Domes 3-5 : 2 minutes walk
Pods 1-3 : 2 minutes walk
Stowe Minilofts 1-4 : 1 minute by car
Andorra 1-3 : 1 minutes walk
Aspen, Cortina & Meribel : 100 ft
Vail : 2 minutes walk
Boisele : 1 minute by car
Lili Bleu : 1 minute by car
The Summit : 1 minute by car
Villa Prestige : 1 minute by car
Zamana : 1 minute by car

The ski resort is 8 minutes by car from Bel Air Resort.

Dome accommodations are the latest craze in the lodging world. Dome rentals at Bel Air are small, modern constructions designed to offer the highest level of comfort. They are 100% water proof, insulated, heated and fully-equipped with a king-size bed, a kitchen and a full bathroom.

Our domes are suitable for all-year round. Each dome has heated floors and a gas fireplace which heats up quickly and keeps you very warm even when there’s snow outside.

All our domes are equipped with traditional air-conditioners with settings that allow you to adjust the temperature settings.