Join us at Bel Air Tremblant Resort


April 23-27, 2023

Join us April 23-27 for a 4-day wellness retreat in Tremblant. Explore how you can take care of your body as you go through the natural process of aging.

During the retreat, we will focus on your health during aging by experiencing and teaching you how to incorporate some habits into your daily routine: get a better sleep, protect your skin, hydrate your body, eat a balanced diet, exercise, and manage your stress.

…and you don’t have to worry about planning anything!

Single Room: $2,200 US or $2,958 CAD
Shared Room: $1,950 US or $2,622 CAD
wellness retreat in Tremblant


wellness retreat tremblant


Focused on prevention, healthy living and the pursuit of wellbeing, C’est La Vie Wellness & Retreats offers a chance to open a new cycle of your life.

From your plates and drinks to your exercises and lectures, C’est La Vie Wellness & Retreats will map out a program with guest specific goals and needs in mind allowing you to start a full mind and body transformation

  • Enhance your general wellbeing (and eventually loosing a few pounds!)
  • Bring you awareness on your habits and to bring foundations on your new healthy routine
  • Restore your body with healing treatments, detox gourmet cuisine and daily schedule of wellness programs (massages, yoga, fitness, hikes or outdoor adventure tailored for you)
  • Bring joy and happiness in your new life path (delightful and colorful food plates, fun activities, new exercises and lots of interactions)
  • Enjoy the company of participants and coaches


We take a multidisciplinary and personalized approach to our method of work based on three key elements of wellness:



It is a combination of nutrition, cleansing cuisine, massages and exercises.



Engaging through learning and practices, restorative yoga sessions and meditation



Connecting with other retreat participants and coaches who share the same intentions


  • Breath work : Therapeutic breathing techniques for healing and transformation
  • Yoga: A unique blend of poses and sequencing to relieve stress, increase flexibility and gain strength
  • Restorative Yoga/Meditation: Gentle, healing practice to support deep rest and balance in the body
  • Body art: High intensity class to improve your mobility and the function of muscles
  • Hiking: Active strolls to breath-taking views. A dynamic way to discover the surroundings
  • Massage: Gentle or strong pressure to the muscles and joints of your body to ease pain and tension
  • Lecture: Presentations and discussions to awareness on specific topics related to your routine during the retreat
  • Cooking Class: Life changing recipes made with ancestral and sustainable processes, full of nutrients and nature wisdom that will give your body what it needs to live its maximum level of health


  • You will be given a detailed questionnaire to be filled and returned two weeks prior to the retreat
  • A virtual one-on-one consultation before your arrival
  • A nutritional recommendations guidance
  • Masterclasses and plant-based cooking workshop based on herbal medicine, healing wild foods, herbs, organic fruits and vegetables
  • Three daily wellness meals using seasonal and local products when possible
  • Complementary health drinks and herbal teas according to your personal program
  • Massages
  • Exercise activities include breath-work, yoga, body art, hiking, meditation and more
  • Complementary use of pool, sauna and fitness center at Bel Air Resort
  • Accommodation in chalets shared with other guests


  • Travel expenses including the round-trip airport transfer
  • Additional activities offered at Bel Air Resort that are not already included in your personalized retreat
  • Additional spa treatments offered at Bel Air spa
Tremblant wellness retreat


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